About Us

Jasper Corporation is a company that provides advanced solutions mainly in our three domains: Jasper Aerospace, Jasper Engineering Solutions and Jasper Import Export. Our teams of professionals include a group of qualified and specialized Engineers and Project managers; who has more than 10 years of experience in integration, development, commercializing and management of the state of the art technology. Our specialists not only make use of the traditional analytical way of solving problems, but research other avenues that most other companies overlook. Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit, the team is comprised of knowledgeable, self-motivated professionals who work tirelessly and faithfully to satisfy our customers. The key factor to our success is innovation. With the highest of ethical standards and pure dedication to go above and beyond the standard of excellence, we aspire to meet any of the stringent technical and operational requirements in the world, besides addressing the most sensitive environmental issues in our entire three business domain. Jasper Corporation works in close collaboration with the Major industry technology developers and scientists and holds especial deal with manufacturers to serve our customers as one stop shop. Our presence, in the heart of Western Europe, has brought to us an endless opportunities to our business model.